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Revival Rugs: Weaving Timeless Elegance into Your Home Decor

Revival Rugs Weaving Timeless Elegance into Your Home Decor

Rugs play a vital role in bringing a room together, even though they are frequently overlooked in overall space design. Trendy carpets typically emulate and enhance current décor aspects. One example of this would be sisal and natural fiber rugs in organic modern interiors. Revival Rugs is doing good in revving this fabric. 

There is a style to suit every aesthetic, whether you choose minimalism, art deco, maximalist, or midcentury design. While there are many timeless rug alternatives available, just like with everything else, there are always a few prominent brands that appear to take over homes each year.  Revival rugs have been more and more popular lately. Let’s learn more about them.

Overview of Revival Rugs

  • Revival launched in 2017 under the direction of Benjamin Hyman. He started the business because he believed there weren’t enough genuine, historic rugs on the market that were manufactured with integrity and original craftsmanship without having to pay thousands of dollars.
  • With roots in northern California, Revival is a global brand. What truly sets this firm unique from other rug brands is how they collaborate with local artists in Turkey, India, and Morocco to source handmade, vintage carpets. In addition, they produce brand-new collections that are expertly crafted by skilled artisans.
  • According to Insider Reviews, the bootstrapped business has had remarkable success in the last three years, increasing revenue from $1.5 million in 2018 to $4.2 million in 2019.
  • Let’s move on to the next section of this Revival rugs Review now that you have some basic knowledge about the brand.
  • The company Revival Rugs designs and produces handcrafted fabrics, carpets, and home furnishings. It links buyers with reasonably priced, exquisite, genuine, and well-made items from throughout the globe. Customers can quickly and easily access and purchase these pieces through its internet outlets.

Offerings of Revival Rugs

  • Revival offers handmade new rugs and carefully selects historic rugs for online sales. The latter is supplied from Turkey and Morocco, while the former is made in collaboration with northern Indian artisans. A portion of the business was established in Istanbul, Turkey so that the team could establish direct connections with regional artisans. 
  • Through these connections, Revival can guarantee quality and communicate any individual client preferences, tastes, and expectations in the US. Vintage furniture and décor have been added to ‘Revival Rugs reviews’.
  • They first started importing and recovering rugs from Turkey, India, and Morocco. Around 300 rugs were available in Revival Rugs’ first catalogue, but today the website offers anything from 5,000 to 10,000 carpets at any given time.

Revival Rugs: Challenges

  • Assisting Every Client in Locating Their Ideal Rug
  • possess the vertical knowledge necessary to guarantee precise rug search results
  • Provide customers with a first-rate shopping experience
  • be simple for their small staff to implement.
  • Provide continuing assistance and be a committed customer success manager.

Revival Rugs: Solutions

  • Camera Search and the Shop Similar recommendation carousel are all part of the Visual Discovery Suite.
  • Discovery Button that is live on both product listing and detail pages.
  • Committed support staff and manager of customer success.

Where Do Revival Rugs Come From?

Artisan-woven rugs from 30 to 100 years ago, created by true professionals in their field, are selected by Revival for their antique collection. The Revival team visits Turkey and India in search of exceptional collections of antique rugs, which are subsequently preserved and restored using a particular method that preserves their integrity and natural beauty.

Who Produces Revival  Rugs?

Revival sells its line of handmade rugs with a retro vibe. Experts hand-weave “Revival-Made” rugs at their facilities in Morocco, northern India, and Turkey, based on designs created in-house.

Who Can Use Revival Rugs?

  • For people who like finely crafted, vintage-style rugs with timeless and exotic designs, there are revival rugs. Perhaps you recently moved into a new house, or maybe you just want to make some improvements to your current residence. Purchasing a Revival rug will, in any case, provide any space with a stunning, elegant, and distinctive addition.
  • Many people will also value the fact that these works are handcrafted with an exceptional level of care, integrity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that is unique to hand-woven rugs from around the globe.

Do Revival Rugs Make a Good Investment?

  • Numerous enthusiastic clients who are overjoyed with their new or vintage handwoven rugs have posted countless glowing reviews online. ‘Revival rugs discount code’ is also available in this to help consumers.
  • Rugs from Revival come in a wide variety of sizes and styles that may be easily integrated into any interior or outdoor area. Additionally, the firm is environmentally conscious because they employ recycled or natural materials to make their new collections.

Discounts & Promotions on Revival Rugs

Upon conducting our Revival carpets evaluation, I discovered a few techniques to cut costs if you’re searching for a deal when purchasing on the brand’s website.

  • Become a subscriber to their email newsletter to get a voucher good for $40 off your first order.
  • For all orders placed within the United States, ground delivery is free (except Alaska and Hawaii).
  • With their refer-a-friend program, you can get $40 off for each person you recommend to shop on the website (referrals must spend at least $250).
  • If you work as a decorator or designer, you can arrange for wholesale rug purchases from Revival.

Where can I purchase Revival Rugs?

Are you looking to buy a vintage rug? The brand’s website,, is the only place where you can purchase handcrafted rugs, either new or old.

Revival Rugs Competitors

  • RugsUSA

RugsUSA is a retail firm that specializes in home décor products. To accommodate diverse space types and personal tastes, the company offers a large selection of rugs in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, patterns, and materials.

  • Tumble

Tumble designs furniture for daily use in the home. Its goods are meant for unplanned craft projects, clumsy baking sessions, and wild dinner parties. The company is headquartered in Newark, Delaware, and was created in 2021.

  • Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs operates as both a manufacturer and a retailer of revival washable rugs. The company specializes in rug pads, pillows, and carpets that are handwoven. It is situated in India’s Jaipur.

  • Modern Rugs

An extensive selection of carpets may be found online at Modern Carpets. The company provides a thorough analysis of the quality and make of the rugs and offers options based on style, colour, and brand.

  • Ruggable

To address frequent issues with rugs on the market today, Ruggable provides a two-piece rug system. A non-slip, cushioned rug pad serves as a sturdy foundation for an array of fashionable coverings. The coverings are machine washable, interchangeable, and securely fastened to the rug pad.


Revival Rugs, which has operations in the US, Turkey, Morocco, and India, routinely visits suppliers to ensure that the goods fulfill quality standards and that laborers are handled properly. It streamlines the procedure by getting rid of high markups and unnecessary expenses. Overall, Revival Rugs is expanding its operations across countries with positivity and zeal.

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