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Kelce Brothers: A Tale of Dynamic Duos in Sports History

Kelce Brothers A Tale of Dynamic Duos in Sports History

Brothers Jason and Kelce Brothers are not like any other brothers. Known as one of the most iconic brother duos in sports history, these two have taken the sports world by storm. In addition to being outstanding athletes, they are also wonderful people off the field.

With two Super Bowl victories under his belt, Travis Kelce is currently among the most well-known tight ends in the NFL. He’s become even more well-known as a result of the media attention his suspected relationship with singer Taylor Swift has garnered in recent weeks. There is already merchandise available that is influenced by the emerging romance between the pop diva and football player.

Travis and Jason, two dynamic brothers, made headlines in early 2023 when their NFL teams squared off in the Super Bowl in February, becoming the first brothers to do so in NFL history. There’s more to their story, though. Discover some amazing details by continuing to read!

Kelce brothers: Where are they from, and how many Kelce brothers are there?

  • Although the older brother, Jason, was born in North Carolina, Travis and Jason grew up in Ohio. With a 2-year age difference, Jason Kelce is the elder of the Kelce brothers’ siblings.  Travis Kelce was born on October 5, 1989, while Jason Kelce was born on November 5, 1987. Jason is 36 and Travis is 34.  Raising two children with such a close age difference was not an easy task for their parents, Ed and Donna Kelce.

Kelce brothers Where are they from, and how many Kelce brothers are there

  • Jason and Travis were active students at Cleveland Heights High School. Jason was a linebacker and running back on the football team, while Travis participated in basketball and soccer. After that, Travis played basketball for the Bearcats at the University of Cincinnati while receiving a scholarship. In the 2011 NFL Draft, the Eagles selected Jason, and the Chiefs selected Travis two years later.

Kelce Brother’s Dad and Mom: Who are the parents of Travis and Jason Kelce?

The parents of Travis and Jason Kelce, Donna and Ed, were raised in Cleveland. People Magazine states that Donna was a student at Ohio University. The pair raised their two kids in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, after getting married in the late 1970s. Who made headlines in the run-up to the 2023 Super Bowl for wearing different clothes each time to represent her sons equally over the season.

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Kelce Brothers Dad Super Bowl: Do Jason and Travis Kelce own Super Bowl Rings?

  • Both of the brothers have experienced winning Super Bowls: Travis has two with the Chiefs, in 2019 and 2023, and Jason has one with the Eagles from 2017. Travis has appeared in the Pro Bowl eight times, whereas Jason has also appeared in six.
  • When the Chiefs and Eagles squared off in the 2023 Super Bowl—called the “Kelce Bowl” by certain supporters—they made NFL history. In the 57 years since the Super Bowl’s inception, this was the first time that brothers had ever played against one another on opposite teams.

How Many Kelce Brothers are there Podcast: Is There a Podcast Between Jason and Travis Kelce?

  • Despite their rivalry on the field, the brothers appear to get along well; in fact, they even work together on their podcast, “New Heights With Jason and Travis Kelce.” Together, they co-host this podcast, where they discuss football and analyze major League developments live.

  • Every week, they discuss their personal lives and the NFL on their podcast. In one episode, when they sat down with their parents, their dad told tales of mentoring the boys as they grew up, while their mother, once again, maintained she wasn’t supporting one team over the other. 
  • They also discuss Travis’s on-again, off-again relationship with Taylor Swift, which has everyone on edge. Cleveland Heights, Ohio, the place of their upbringing, is the inspiration behind the name of New Heights.

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Getting Expelled from Preschool

From their early childhood, the Kelce brothers super bowl have always been mischievous. Jason and Travis Kelce were both unexpectedly expelled from their preschool. That’s right, preschool. In a New Heights podcast episode, the Kelce brothers podcast clarified a few things about this particular incident.

When they were playing at the lunch table, Jason revealed that the Philadelphia center had become involved in an accident with a different kid. The elder brother gave the infant a stab wound to the forehead.


Jason continued his story by revealing that the child arrived at school the next day with his father holding him beneath his arm, “and the kid has like four little sports dots on his forehead.” That was sufficient to get him expelled from the preschool he was attending. Travis Kelce, meanwhile, was dismissed for an entirely different reason. Travis was expelled for refusing to give up his checkers set, and ultimately, Travis threw the chair at the preschool instructor to get out of there.

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